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Neil Langan has been photographing food for nearly 27 years. Based in Cheshire and covering location and studio based projects across the UK & Europe having worked with many leading brands and familiar names across the food sector from independent artisan producers to global brands. 

In addition to Photography Neils creative services include graphic design for marketing, packaging, print collateral and web site development as well as a regular contributor to leading photo stock libraries with a portfolio of over 15k food images.

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Customers |  current & previous

Photography & Technical 

  • Location | On Site | Studio

  • Still Images  | Stop Animation | Video

  • Fully Portable Studio

  • Natural Light and Flash Expert

  • Extensive Props and Backgrounds

  • Editing | Re-touching | Colour Correction

  • Styling and Food Preparation

  • Fast Turnaround


Each project is different and requires a varying level of preparation, lighting set up and  editing use the following rates as a guide and feel free to request a quotation specific to your requirements. 

Half Day from £250 (incl editing)

Full Day from £450 (incl editing)

Discounted rates available for retained services.

Creative Services Design

  • Branding development

  • Graphic Design 

  • Website & e-coms 


Image asset management, curation and social media photo  strategy.

If you wish to discuss a project please click here  go to the contact page.

Call:   +44(0)7786654810   |   email: